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Infertility can be frustrating and heartbreaking for men and women alike. Randy M. Brodnik, DO, FACOG understands the struggle, which is why he specializes in infertility and advanced gynecologic surgery. At Miracles of Life OB/Gyn, PLLC, located in Bluefield, West Virginia’s Regional Medical Center, he can diagnose the cause of your fertility challenges and create a treatment plan to suit your situation. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Infertility Q & A

How common is infertility?

Approximately 6% of married women in the United States are unable to get pregnant after 12 months of trying. Though infertility -- being unable to get pregnant after 1 year -- is often thought of as a female problem, it can actually be the result of issues in women or men. About 35% of the time a male issue is a factor, and 8% of the time, it’s the only identifiable one.

When should a couple see a doctor regarding infertility?

Dr. Brodnik suggests that women younger than 35 years old seek a medical evaluation after 12 consecutive months of unsuccessfully trying to conceive. However, because a woman’s fertility decreases significantly every year after age 30, he urges women in that age group to seek medical consultation after 6 months of unsuccessfully trying to become pregnant.

What causes infertility in women?

Among the most common causes are:

  • Ovulation issues that prevent the normal release of eggs
  • Uterine fibroids, polyps or adhesions (scarring)
  • Endometriosis, a condition where tissue from inside the uterus starts to grow outside of it
  • Being over age 35, due to a decline in estrogen and egg quality
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Structural issues within the uterus
  • Thick cervix mucus that inhibits sperm movement
  • Certain medications and/or treatments

How is the cause of infertility diagnosed?

Various testing methods are available at the Miracles of Life OB/Gyn, PLLC, including: blood tests, semen tests, and diagnostic imaging. Dr. Brodnik can also examine your uterus and fallopian tubes through minimally-invasive procedures.

How is infertility in women treated?

Dr. Brodnik and the Miracles of Life OB/Gyn, PLLC team provide several treatment options for fertility problems. The type of treatment that’s most suitable for you depends on the underlying cause of infertility and other factors, such as your age.

Some fertility treatments include fertility drugs to stimulate ovulation, while others involve surgery to correct abnormalities or other problems that affect fertility, such as tubal surgery.

If you and your partner have been struggling to conceive, book a consultation with Dr. Brodnik online today. He can help you discover the cause and identify the solution that’s right for you.

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