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Abnormal bleeding doesn’t indicate a serious condition by itself, but many of its causes can be serious, so it’s best to see an OB/GYN about it. Randy Brodnik, DO, FACOG, at Miracles of Life OB/Gyn, PLLC has years of experience diagnosing the cause of abnormal bleeding and providing treatments and procedures to control it. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the office in Bluefield, West Virginia or book an appointment online.

Abnormal Bleeding Q & A

What is abnormal bleeding?

Many women experience abnormal bleeding or spotting at some point in their lives. Abnormal bleeding can occur at any age. Bleeding is abnormal when you experience:

  • Bleeding or spotting between your periods
  • Bleeding or spotting after sex
  • Heavy bleeding during your period
  • Menstrual cycles that are shorter than 24 days or longer than 38 days
  • Irregular periods where cycle length varies by more than seven to nine days
  • Bleeding after menopause

Irregular periods are especially common around the ages nine to 14, when periods first begin, as well as during perimenopause, which usually occurs in a woman’s mid-40s. During perimenopause, it’s also not unusual to skip periods or for bleeding to get lighter or heavier.

What causes abnormal bleeding?

There are many possible causes of abnormal bleeding, including:

  • Problems with ovulation
  • Fibroids and polyps
  • A condition that causes the endometrium to grow into the wall of your uterus
  • Problems having to do with some birth control methods
  • Certain types of cancer, such as cancer of the uterus

If you’re pregnant, heavy bleeding or bleeding that occurs before 12 weeks may mean there’s a serious problem, including miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. You should see Dr. Brodnik for any abnormal bleeding during your pregnancy.

How is abnormal bleeding treated?

The treatment for abnormal bleeding depends on what’s causing it. To determine the cause, Dr. Brodnik may perform a physical exam, blood tests, a pregnancy test, or tests for sexually transmitted infections.

He may also perform an ultrasound or a hysteroscopy, which is an in-office, minimally invasive procedure that allows Dr. Brodnik to look inside your uterus using a thin, lighted tube.

Depending on the cause, treatment may include medication, hormone therapy, or surgery. Birth control can help lighten flow and make periods more regular. Dr. Brodnik is also highly skilled with NovaSure® endometrial ablation, a safe and effective procedure that removes the uterine lining that often causes heavy bleeding.

If you’re experiencing abnormal bleeding or spotting, Dr. Brodnik and the staff at Miracles of Life OB/Gyn, PLLC can help. To get started, call or request an appointment online.

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